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My Favourite Books Of 2016

In my last article, I wrote on how I believe that consuming a mass amount of content in the past year was one of the biggest factors allowing me to achieve a lot of the goals I set for myself in 2016, I mentioned that one of those forms of content was books and audiobooks.

In this article, I want to run down a list of some of my favourites of the books I read in the past year and give a brief summary of each. I’ll be putting these in chronological order, not by rating.

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Contributors To Success 2016 Pt 1: Content Consumption

Maybe to some people it would have seemed like a long shot. I never went to university (although I did go to audio engineering school for a year), and I worked various manual labour and low wage jobs for eight years after graduating high school. Despite this though, I absolutely. 100% knew that I was on the right track, and that things were going to come together for me, as long as I was patient.

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I Tell Stories

Ascetic Productions is a story driven podcast consulting, production, and management company. I specialize in assisting brands, artists, and storytellers grow their reach and generate new leads through the art of a well-told story.

Silent Era Photography is the outlet through which I tell visual stories. The desolate beauty of a mountaintop sunset, an all but forgotten fishing village stirring to life, a solitary elk making its way through a fresh snowfall,  weddings, portraits, brands and life. We all have moments that speak more than we could articulate. I want to capture those moments.

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