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I work on a wide variety of creative projects and am always looking for more. Here’s a rundown of some of my past and present endeavours.


Silent Era Photography

Silent Era Photography was born after spending eight months traveling in Europe and Asia, photographing almost every day, and realizing when I got back home that not only was this something that I was getting pretty good at, it was also something that excited me more and more, the more I did it.

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Ascetic Productions

A great song, album, or podcast isn’t great because of layers of production value (although this can be fitting at times, when used tastefully), they’re great because they – or their creator – has something essential to say, some truth or insight that they’re sharing through their story.

This is who I want to work with, and this is who I am.

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The Silent Era – Kingdom

Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Song Writing, Instrumentation, Vocals... Everything Download   One year ago, my partner and I decided that it was best to go our separate ways. We'd been together for 2 years at the time and it was a tough and...

Kimmortal – Sincerity

I’m going to start off by saying that the crafting of this album, alongside Kim Villagante aka Kimmortal, is one of the things I’m most proud of in my life.

The album is filled with passion, melody and substance, and everyone who contributed left an indelible mark on the album and the songs that make it up.

Claire Love Wilson – Afterbirth

Claire’s songs were raw, consisting of only piano and vocals, some only vocals, and this excited me even more. While I’m an excellent engineer, my passion and real talent has always been production. I love taking the skeleton of a song and building and layering, filling out and supporting the core of the work as the feeling dictates.

The Way We Were – Left Behind

Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Song Writing, Instrumentation, Vocals... EverythingLeft Behind is the first single from one of my own musical projects, a solo project called The Way We Were.  A mix of alternative rock and hardcore punk, I...

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